Fresh Paint, New Pattern, Same Scents

Fresh Paint, New Pattern, Same Scents

MMMM Something smells NEW!!!!

(and it's called Terrazzo)

The origins of Terrazzo started around 500 years ago in Italy and marble was the material of choice, but Venetian construction workers began mixing scraps from upscale jobs with clay to create inexpensive flooring for their own homes and patios.

The beautiful patterns created from this up-cycling process has always interested me since I saw it for the first time inside the Cincinnati Museum Center. The floor is a massive mosaic of well-organized and silhouetted shapes that correspond to the ceiling artwork. The natural shapes that are sealed inside of the terrazzo are each so different than the next, they're like snowflakes: no two pieces exactly the same.

When I asked Anna how she got into patterning with Terrazzo, she actually said the EXACT same thing: the patterns and textures that come through when working with the resins give her inspiration in her artwork. Like me, Anna is a TRUE artist: she tufts, makes carpets, and not to mention is an internationally recognized graffiti artist... which is how I came across her materials and simply had to work with her.

When we met in person, I felt like we were related: we make art from anything on anything that we can find, regardless of its state. We both grew up with single mothers and had to make our creations out of discarded items, and things left behind. We both really love plants and are deeply devoted plant mothers so, it was pretty easy to land on the green colors we chose.

Color Pallet for lab exterior Terrazzo

shhh.. but we will be making XL candle vessels of Terrazzo soon 👁👄👁 !!

To try to match the facelift we are doing outside, we rearranged some things inside to make it more inviting to come smell things.

interior lab setup with redwood planks

Here is a loose render of what we are trying to build towards this year with profits + tips from candle sales:

render of lab

So until then, we will be business as unusual: conducting candle-making classes, book-selling, sniffs and planting!

psst: here's the full process of our painting for those interested:

painted the entire first story green:

step 1 green paint everywhere

Making sketchy terrazzos

sketching terrazzos

Then painted the sketchy terrazzos white + then add color

white paint to prime the sketchy terrazzos

The extra tall ladder arrived, and then we started the second floor base coat

me.... painting or trying to

before the top was terrazzo-ed

and... she's PERFECT! (adding our logo soon)

voila! shes perfect

Anna even signed it 🥰🥰

annas autograph on the building

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