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  • Oils & Scents

    The reason we include essential oil is because it’s a plant's vital "essence” where energy is stored but also the most highly concentrated nutritional and therapeutic benefits reside. This contains chemical messengers that transmit information throughout the body like a normal medicine or prescription would do. We like to call them: Plant Friends with Benefits.

  • The Wax

    We purchase RAW materials and create a "proprietary" formula: it's nearly 100% soy wax, with a just touch of beeswax to elongate the burn time and give it a smooth-looking finish. Before burning any candle, make sure the ingredients work with your body.

  • The Glass

    Our jars are created from recycled glass that is fished out of the ocean and remelted into our vessels that we use! It's really important for us to find globally sustainable ways to limit our impact on the planet.