Malea Rose really can do it all, and she’s breaking down her journey to founding her skincare brand, Vie En Rose, below.

malea rose

Image Credit – Olivier Chatard

Malea Rose is taking the world by storm as a multi-hyphenate actress, writer, former competitive surfer, and now CEO of her own skincare company, Vie En Rose.

With over 15 years in the entertainment industry, she has acted with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Halle Barry in Kidnap, the cast of New Girl, Two and a half Men, and Entourage. Nowshe has taken her passion and love for skincare and has since shifted her focus from being an actress/producer to CEO of her skincare brand Vie En Rose. Today, Malea is sitting down to chat with HOLR about her incredible brand and how it’s centered around luxury and features anti-aging products formulated with perfect potent ingredients from science and nature such as CBD and Cannarose (her brand exclusive ingredient.)

Check out our full conversation below to learn all about Malea and her story!

malea rose

Image Credit – Olivier Chatard

You really can do it all! Walk us through your journey to becoming the CEO of your skincare company, Vie En Rose.

Let me start with when I started the company. I had 15 years of entertainment industry experience, no business experience no MBA- I really set out to start the company, which evidently started as a hobby because I was having the worst skin issues. I am so sensitive. I grew up on the north shore of Hawaii, I was a competitive surfer, I’m pale, and I destroyed my skin growing up.

Then I moved to California, and it was so smoggy and dirty. This, combined with all of the previous free-radical damage and sun damage was horrible for my skin. It was then that I started developing weird skin rashes and I just found that I was super sensitive to every product on the market. I was getting really frustrated when I was spending money to try and help my skin, but nothing was giving me results.

As you can tell, my journey to founding Vie En Rose really started off as a hobby to cure my own skin, and slowly but surely I started creating my own products. It was also during this process that my skin rash disappeared.

I’m very stubborn so when I start something I want to finish it- I was so naive starting it and learned so much along the way. Every single day has been a learning curve but I’m lucky I have friends, family, and mentors in the industry to help me along the way. However, I truly learned the ins and outs of my business and everything I needed to know, from start to finish to be able to bring my brand to life and I’m so proud of it. I know every ingredient in every product which was super important to me because I want them to be super clean and nourishing. They also have the added benefits of CBD. So, not only are we helping you feel good but we’re helping you look good by giving you the best skin of your life.

Seeing my brand come to fruition means everything!

You also worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Tell us more about this experience. 

Let’s go back! I was the biggest theatre geek in the entire world growing up! I did community theatre, and I probably knew every Broadway song (the lyrics, not the tune!). My mom is from New York and she has such exceptional taste in cinema and film- she would show me the most incredible films and I’ll never forget the first one I watched, thinking to myself “This is what I want to do.” I think I’m the only one in my yearbook who pursued what I said  I wanted to do! It’s been a very interesting experience.

I started as an actress, and things are very different now than they were 15 years ago. There’s been a long shift n movement in the right direction in the entertainment industry, but there’s a long way to go. Starting as an actress, I was typecast in certain roles for the way I looked which was a super battle for me. I was never booking the roles of depth that I felt like I wanted to portray to the world which was a real struggle for me.

This led me to start writing. I optioned an intellectual property- a book- that I’m still working on right now! We are doing it as a podcast and simultaneously bringing it back to being a television limited series. It’s a real passion project for me. This is how I began a shift and pivot, where I told myself, “This is how I am going to empower myself and have the career that I want.”

Then I wanted to start producing, which I felt would empower me more. Last year I produced Triller Fight Club- I was the executive producer, creative director, and showrunner- I was doing everything. This was such an exciting and different opportunity where we were reinventing the world of boxing. At the height of the pandemic, doing a 65-camera show was incredible. But also, what goes along with the entertainment industry- which is chauvinistic enough- throw in the boxing and man, I was the only female on an all-male team and I’ve actually never felt more empowered in all my life.

It was an interesting experience. I was nicknamed “The Elle Woods of Boxing.” This made me realize- do I really want to be working in an environment where I’m not being treated fair? This experience taught me that I want ownership of something- I want to build something I love that’s beautiful and feminine where in which I get the opportunity to choose who I want to work with.

malea rose

Image Credit – Olivier Chatard

You shifted your focus from actress/producer to CEO of your skincare brand- how did this come about? Where did your passion for skincare stem from? 

Since I started my brand, I have been able to surround myself with the most incredible human beings. It’s so fulfilling. Growing up o the north shore of Hawaii, my mom was so ahead of her time- she’s such a goddess! She has a beautiful hippie, organic sense of self. Plus, she’s also from New York so she’s very metropolitan and has a sense of luxury. A lot of this shows in my brand because we’re building a brand, Vie En Rose (life in pink) where everything is very beautiful, but it also has that avant-garde, luxury, and Parisian feel, as well. It’s the perfect synergy of all of that.

Growing up, we didn’t have organic stores on the island so my mom created a co-op where she imported organic food and skincare to the island, which I thought was so beautiful! My mom was already making her own skincare, and I loved joining her and having fun creating products. To this day, my mom makes the most beautiful skin oils! She’s the inspiration behind Vie En Rose.

What can our audience expect when shopping Vie En Rose and what are some of your best-selling products?

I just launched with two products to start and I have a lot more to roll out! I only use my own products, plus, I designed them so you can incorporate both products into your skin care regimen and really upgrade your routine.

We have the Mile High Ultra Hydrating Mist. It features; 100 MG CBD Isolate, Cannarose™ Complex, Alpine Rose Stem Cells, Swiss Glacier Water, Rosewater, Coconut Water, and more. It’s my favorite product in the world and I created it to keep my face hydrated and looking good while traveling, so it comes in a travel-size glass bottle and looks super chic and luxurious. You can wear it as a primer, or setting spray- it’s really great for anything!

The other product is the Love Potion Beauty Oil– it’s for your face but it’s also perfect for showing your skin some extra love. You can put it on your elbows, hands, necks- everything! It’s also fast-absorbing. My oils are the most luxurious and high-end you can find. This product features ingredients such as; 300mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil, Pure Rose Oil, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, and Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate). Trust me, you are getting quality when you shop Vie En Rose.

We also offer beautiful gifting and handwritten notes!

malea rose

Image Credit – Olivier Chatard

What’s next for you and your brand?

There are so many fun things happening right now!

I just got into Fred Segal which is such an iconic global store! I started at their flagship Sunset Strip store and I also work with this cool NFT company – Artcade– that has its own in-store shopping NFT experience. So, we are going to start building out NFTs for my company. We are looking to get into a new form of marketing and launching a business that no one has done yet in the beauty world. There are so many innovative ways to play with this!

I also got into Resorts World Vegas and brought on my first company advisor, Metta World Peace. He’s my mentor and he’s amazing! We have a lot of cool things going on. We’re both passionate about a lot of things such as wanting to break the stigmas surrounding female athletes and fighting for equal pay for women.

malea rose

Image Credit – Olivier Chatard

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